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What Should I Put on My Military Dog Tag?

In the realm of military tradition, the dog tag is an iconic symbol that holds immense significance. More than just a piece of metal hanging from a chain, it serves as a vital identifier and a silent communicator of critical information. Crafting the content on your military dog tag is a task that demands careful consideration, as it encapsulates essential details that could prove crucial in times of need.

From blood type to emergency contacts, religious preferences to personal mottos, each element etched onto these small, unassuming tags carries weight and purpose. As we delve into the question, "What should I put on my military dog tag?" we will explore 20 key points to consider when creating this powerful emblem of identity.

Whether you're a seasoned service member, a military enthusiast, or someone looking to honor a loved one in the armed forces, understanding the significance of each detail on a dog tag is paramount. Join us on this exploration of the factors that make each dog tag a unique and indispensable aspect of military life.

Importance of Personal Identification Information on Military Dog Tags

1. Importance of Personal Identification Information on Military Dog Tags

In the world of military service, the dog tag serves as a crucial piece of identification. The first and foremost element on this small but significant piece of metal is your full name. It's not just a label; it's a lifeline in times of crisis. While the inclusion of a Social Security Number is optional, many individuals opt to include it for additional identification. Let's explore why these details are paramount.

The Significance of Full Name

Your full name is the key to your identity, ensuring that in the chaotic scenarios military personnel often find themselves in, there's no confusion about who you are. It aids in medical treatment, casualty reporting, and overall coordination in the theater of operations.

Social Security Number: To Include or Not?

The decision to include your Social Security Number on your dog tag is a personal one, dependent on factors like privacy concerns and security considerations. Some individuals choose to omit it, relying solely on their full name for identification. The debate around including SSNs sparks discussions about privacy in the age of digital information, and this article will delve deeper into the considerations.

Include your blood group for medical emergencies

2. Blood Type: Include your blood group for medical emergencies

When it comes to medical emergencies, every second counts. Knowing your blood type can be a matter of life and death. Your military dog tag is a tangible record of this vital piece of information, ensuring that medical personnel can swiftly administer the right treatment.

Life-Saving Information

In the chaos of the battlefield or during other emergencies, immediate access to your blood type can make a significant difference. Whether you are a universal donor or have a rare blood type, this detail on your dog tag can guide medical professionals in administering blood transfusions promptly.

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3. Medical Information: Allergies, Medications, Chronic Conditions (if applicable).

Your military dog tag is not just a badge of identification; it is a condensed medical history that can speak for you when you can't. Heading beyond basic details, this section explores the critical role of medical information on your dog tag.

Allergies: A Red Flag for Medical Personnel

Incorporating information about allergies on your dog tag acts as a red flag for medical professionals. Whether it's a severe reaction to certain medications or food allergies, this information can prevent life-threatening situations.

Medications and Chronic Conditions: Managing Health on the Go

For those with regular medications or chronic conditions, having this information on your dog tag ensures that even in the midst of deployment or intense training, your health management remains a top priority. It serves as a quick reference for medical responders, allowing them to make informed decisions about your care.

4. Emergency Contact: Full Name, Relationship, Contact Number.

In the unpredictable world of the military, having a reliable point of contact during emergencies is crucial. Your dog tag serves as a conduit to connect with your loved ones when you can't. This section emphasizes the importance of including comprehensive emergency contact information.

The Role of Emergency Contacts

Imagine being injured or incapacitated in a remote location. Your emergency contact details become the bridge between you and your family. Including the full name, relationship, and contact number ensures a seamless connection during critical moments.

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5. Religious Preference: Specify religious affiliation if important to you.

Religious beliefs are deeply personal, and for many service members, they play a significant role in their lives. Including your religious preference on your dog tag is an option that allows you to express your faith, ensuring that your spiritual needs are respected even in challenging circumstances.

The Role of Religious Identification

In diverse military environments, respecting the religious preferences of each service member is essential. Your dog tag becomes a silent expression of your faith, providing comfort and guidance to military chaplains and healthcare providers.

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6. Unit Information: Military Branch (e.g., Army, Navy, Air Force), Unit Name and Number.

Your military dog tag is not only about personal identification; it's also a badge of honor representing your unit and branch of service. This section explores the significance of including unit information on your dog tag.

Military Branch: A Proud Affiliation

Displaying your military branch proudly on your dog tag is a tradition that dates back through military history. Whether you serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or another branch, this information symbolizes your commitment to duty.

Unit Name and Number: For Unity and Camaraderie

Including your unit's name and number fosters a sense of unity among service members. It becomes a symbol of the shared experiences, challenges, and triumphs that you and your comrades face together.

7. Rank and Service Number: Your military rank and service number.

Your rank and service number are more than just identifiers; they embody your journey, experience, and the respect you've earned. This section delves into why proudly displaying this information on your military dog tag is a tradition that transcends time.

The Pride of Rank

Your military rank is a symbol of your accomplishments, leadership, and dedication to duty. Engraving it on your dog tag is a way to showcase your achievements and the responsibilities you bear.

Service Number: A Unique Identifier

In the vast military landscape, where names may be common, a service number becomes your unique identifier. It streamlines administrative processes and ensures accurate record-keeping.

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8. Personal Motto or Quote

Optional, but some individuals choose to include a personal motto or inspirational quote.

Beyond the official details, your military dog tag offers a canvas for personal expression. Including a personal motto or inspirational quote is a way to carry a piece of your philosophy, motivation, or values with you.

The Power of Words

In times of challenge, having your chosen words close can be a source of strength. Whether it's a motivational quote, a phrase that resonates with your values, or a personal motto, this optional addition adds a unique touch to your dog tag.

Include your date of birth for identification purposes

9. Date of Birth: Include your date of birth for identification purposes.

While basic, your date of birth is a critical piece of information that aids in accurate identification. Including it on your dog tag ensures that, even in situations where communication is challenging, your identity is quickly established.

Importance in Identification

Your date of birth is a fundamental component of your identity. In emergency situations, it helps medical personnel verify your records, ensuring that you receive the appropriate care.

10. Date of Enlistment: Mention the date you joined the military.

The date of enlistment is more than a chronological detail; it represents the beginning of a transformative journey. Including this on your dog tag is a way to commemorate the decision to serve your country.

Commemorating Commitment

Your date of enlistment is a personal anniversary, a day that marks your commitment to a life of service. Engraving it on your dog tag is a way to carry this significant milestone with you.

11. Security Clearance: Indicate your security clearance level if applicable.

For those in roles requiring security clearance, indicating this level on your dog tag is a necessity. It ensures that, in situations demanding immediate verification, your clearance status is readily available.

Ensuring Operational Efficiency

In military operations where security is paramount, quick identification of clearance levels is crucial. Including this information on your dog tag streamlines processes and ensures operational efficiency.

12. Special Instructions

Any specific instructions for medical personnel or others in case of emergency.

Your military dog tag is not only a static identifier but also a dynamic tool for communication. Including special instructions is a proactive measure that can guide medical personnel or other responders in critical situations.

Guiding Emergency Responders

Whether you have specific medical needs, allergies, or unique considerations, providing special instructions on your dog tag can be a lifesaver. It offers crucial guidance when every moment counts.

13. Next of Kin Information

Name and contact details of your closest relative or next of kin.

In times of crisis, your next of kin becomes a pivotal point of contact. Including their name and contact details on your dog tag ensures that they are promptly informed in case of emergencies.

Connecting with Loved Ones

Your next of kin plays a crucial role in the communication chain during critical situations. Including their information on your dog tag is a thoughtful and practical way to ensure a swift connection.

14. Optional Information

Other optional details like hometown, significant other's name, etc.

Beyond the essentials, your military dog tag can carry additional details that hold personal significance. This section explores optional information that individuals choose to include for a more personalized touch.

Hometown Pride

Adding your hometown to your dog tag is a way to carry a piece of your roots with you. It's a nod to your origins and can spark camaraderie with fellow service members.

Acknowledging Loved Ones

Including the name of a significant other or loved one on your dog tag is a touching gesture. It symbolizes the connection that anchors you, even when duty takes you far from home.

15. Personal Contact Information: Your personal phone number and email address.

While military communication channels are well-established, including your personal phone number and email address on your dog tag provides an additional means of contact. This section explores the considerations and benefits of including this optional information.

Accessibility for Non-Military Contacts

In situations where non-military individuals may need to reach you, having your personal contact information on your dog tag ensures accessibility. It can be particularly relevant during leaves, vacations, or non-deployment periods.

16. Hometown Address: Include your hometown address for additional identification.

Your hometown address is another layer of identification that can be beneficial in various scenarios. This section explores the rationale behind including this optional detail on your military dog tag.

Additional Identification Marker

In situations where detailed identification is necessary, such as during interactions with civilian authorities, having your hometown address on your dog tag provides an extra layer of information.

17. Branch-Specific Information

Specialized information required by your specific military branch.

Different branches of the military may have unique requirements or traditions regarding the information displayed on dog tags. This section explores the branch-specific details that individuals may choose to include based on their service.

Adhering to Tradition

In some branches, there may be specific details or abbreviations that hold particular significance. Adhering to these traditions by including branch-specific information is a way to honor the history and culture of your service.

18. Record of essential vaccinations for health purposes.

Health is a top priority, especially in military environments where individuals operate in close quarters. This section emphasizes the importance of including a record of essential vaccinations on your dog tag.

Streamlining Health Records

In fast-paced military operations, having a quick reference to your vaccination history on your dog tag streamlines medical processes. It ensures that you receive appropriate care and that health protocols are adhered to.

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19. Blood Donor Status: Specify if you are a blood donor.

Being a blood donor is a selfless act that can save lives. Indicating your blood donor status on your dog tag is a way to communicate this important information to medical personnel during emergencies.

A Lifesaving Declaration

In situations where blood transfusions are necessary, knowing your blood donor status expedites the process. It's a declaration that your fellow service members and medical professionals can rely on in critical moments.

20. Organ Donor Status: If applicable, indicate if you are an organ donor.

The decision to be an organ donor is a deeply personal one. If you've made this choice, including your organ donor status on your dog tag ensures that your wishes are known and respected.

Facilitating Organ Donation Processes

In the event of a tragic circumstance, where organ donation becomes a possibility, your dog tag serves as an immediate indication of your intent. It streamlines the processes involved, ensuring that your wishes are honored.


In conclusion, a military dog tag is more than just a piece of metal; it's a repository of vital information, a personal statement, and a link to your identity. Whether through basic identification details or optional, personalized touches, each element serves a purpose in the intricate tapestry of military life. As you consider what to put on your dog tag, reflect on the aspects that matter most to you—those that define your journey, uphold your values, and connect you to the proud tradition of military service.

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