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Unlock the history with our Set of Original U.S. SPEC WW2 PRE-1965 ARMY Dog Tags by TheDogTagCo. Crafted with outstanding quality and 100% authenticity, these stainless steel grade 304 notched dog tags stand as enduring symbols of courage and identity.

Personalised and Debossed: Each tag in this set offers the opportunity for personalisation with your own text, expertly debossed for a timeless and distinctive finish.

Many myths surround the notch, with some suggesting it was used to secure tags through soldiers' front teeth during WW2. Our tags, sourced directly from the U.S., come with the assurance of genuine 304/316 stainless steel, ensuring longevity and authenticity unparalleled by competitors.

Set includes:

  • Authentic WW2 Design: Recapture the essence of history with these authentic U.S. SPEC WW2 PRE-1965 ARMY Dog Tags, echoing the bravery and sacrifice of soldiers from a bygone era.
  • Stainless Steel Grade 304: Crafted from premium stainless steel grade 304, these dog tags promise durability and resilience, standing the test of time with unmatched quality.
  • Expert Debossing: Each tag offers the opportunity for personalisation, with your text expertly debossed for a distinctive finish, ensuring a timeless and unique identity.
  • Long and Short Chain Included: This set comes complete with a long (30") and short (4") stainless steel nickel-plated ball-chain, providing versatility and style in wearing your dog tags.
  • Permanent Debossing: Unlike traditional engraving, our expert debossing ensures a permanent imprint that will never fade or wear off, guaranteeing a lasting tribute to your personalisation.

Note: 304/316 grade stainless steel contains some nickel.

Unravel history and make it your own with our Set of Original U.S. SPEC WW2 PRE-1965 ARMY Dog Tags – where authenticity meets personalisation.

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TheDogTagCo prioritizes your privacy and security. We use industry-leading measures to protect your personal information for custom dog tags, storing it securely and using it solely for order fulfillment. Trust in our commitment to safeguarding your privacy.

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TheDogTagCo is committed to prompt dispatch from sunny Devon, UK. Our team ensures your personalized dog tags are crafted and shipped quickly, with same-day dispatch for orders placed before 3 PM UK time on weekdays. Enjoy your unique dog tags in no time, thanks to our speedy delivery.

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Whether you're honoring a loved one, carrying a piece of family history, or simply making a fashion statement, our high-quality dog tags serve as a meaningful and enduring symbol of your personal journey.

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TheDogTagCo's stainless steel dog tags are an eco-friendly, reusable gift. Their durable, rust-resistant design ensures a long-lasting, sustainable accessory that remains timeless and stylish.

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