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GLOW IN DARK Silencers Rubber for Dog Tag for U.S.A Military Army Dog Tags

GLOW IN DARK Silencers Rubber for Dog Tag for U.S.A Military Army Dog Tags

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GLOW IN THE DARK Tactical TheDogTagCo Silencers for U.S. Dog Tags (dog tags not included)

Our brand new range of dog tag silencers. We have worked meticulously to design and create a never-seen before glow in the dark range of dog tag silencers, now you will have no trouble finding your tags in the dark! Stand out from the crowd

Completely weather proof silencers, designed to combat the clanking sound of dog tags and provide added protection to your dog tag. Comes in a range of colour options, our product has been engineered with U.S Spec dog tags in mind, so they will fit perfectly with your dog tags.


Silencers start off round, stretch them around tags

- GLOW-IN-THE-DARK DESIGN - Never lose sight of your dog tags again. Our silencers are crafted to glow brightly, allowing easy location in the dark. 

- UNIQUE & TACTICAL - Stand out with a silencer that not only protects your dog tags but also adds a tactical edge to them.

- FLEXIBLE FIT - Initially round in shape, our silencers are designed to stretch and snugly fit around various dog tag sizes. Perfect for tags measuring approximately 5cm x 3cm, with flexibility to suit other dimensions.

- SILENT & SECURE - Say goodbye to noisy clanking! Our silencers ensure your tags remain quiet while also offering robust protection, thanks to their durable rubber material.

- WEATHERPROOF & DURABLE - Built to withstand diverse conditions, ensuring your dog tags remain safeguarded always.

- CHOICE OF COLORS - Select from a vibrant array of colours and quantities tailored to your preference.

Choose the colour from the list

** In the photograph it shows a 5cm length x 3cm height dog tag but material is stretchy and should fit dog tags of different sizes **

You will receive Rubber Silencers in your chosen colour - Designed to fit U.S.A SPEC dog tags.

10 Pack = 10 Rubber Silencers.


Fitting Tutorial:

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